We all have a story to tell and a smile to bring. What’s yours?
What we believe in
Honesty. Community. Generosity.

Why Two Pillars?

Two Pillars Brewery is built on authentic community enjoying life together, helping each other find hope and fulfilment, and inspiring those around them to do the same. Our founders Boaz and Jacob both immigrated to Canada from different cultures, having to find their place in an alien country and a community with such a different history. The universal language of good food and good drink became an incredible tool which tore down the walls between them and the people around them, giving them common ground to build relationships on. The love of beer is what began the friendship between Boaz and Jacob and has become our mission at Two Pillars.

our brewery

Taproom Model

Our Taproom in Crescent Heights, Calgary will house Canada’s smallest commercial brewhouse (2 kegs per brew) allowing our brewmaster to constantly innovate using the best possible ingredients, bringing you truly unique and exclusive beers throughout the year.

We are partnering with local food establishments to enable you to order your favourite snacks to the taproom to be enjoyed alongside your favourite beer. Let’s cherish every moment and make Calgary the friendliest city – one sip at a time!

our beer

Golden Strong

Our first beer was created to be an unassuming introduction to the wonderful world of yeast-forward beers. Brewed using an ancient yeast strain cultivated in the Ardennes region of Belgium, this beer is a modern take on a classic style. A powerful ripe fruit aroma with peppery undertones complemented by the earthy, slightly citrus flavors of Magnum and Saaz hops will both refresh the palate and warm the soul.