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Golden Strong

Our first beer was created to be an unassuming introduction to the wonderful world of yeast-forward beers. Brewed using an ancient yeast strain cultivated in the Ardennes region of Belgium, this beer is a modern take on a classic style. A powerful ripe fruit aroma with peppery undertones complemented by the earthy, slightly citrus flavors of Magnum and Saaz hops will both refresh the palate and warm the soul.


A labour of love brings this witbier its bright, orange zestiness. Its light, cereal backbone giving a vibrant haze to the finish sets the tone for the blast of citrus overtones that follow. Finishing with a fizzle this beer is the essence of summer.


A blend of the finest Alberta barley and white wheat with a hint of spice, this blonde is both approachable and exciting. Starting with a light, biscuity base and an effervescent bite, then leaving a subtle stone fruitiness on the tongue, this beer is the perfect sipper.


Like a cheeky teaspoonful of demerara in the mouth, this all-rounder is a treat! The slight caramel sweetness on the palate backed up by a pleasant tropical bitterness brings this old-world classic into the new.


Propped up against a hay bale with a peach in your cheek, a slight pucker and a smile, it’s the end of a hard-worked week. A little funk and a pleasing bite make this a real quencher. Sit back and enjoy the breeze, happiness is complete!

Dark Strong

A whiff of dates soaked in brandy on fresh baked bread, this beer is rather an anomaly. Despite its deep, almost purple hue, this beer is bright and candy-like, the alcohol masquerading as a tootsie-roll sweetness in the finish. A true winter treat!